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What is the PAW Foundation?

As a charitable outreach organization, our efforts are aimed at improving the quality of life for the workers in the adult entertainment industry - actors, actresses, dancers, directors, writers, photographers, technicians, retail and warehouse employees - as well as improving an understanding of our industry by the public at large.

All of our health training and awareness programs, health and life insurance, pension program information, and peer counseling, are under the banner of P.A.W.  Available to all.

The programs have already had significant impact on many peoples’ lives. The Peer Counseling Program has assisted individuals, families and groups from all walks of life, backgrounds and circumstances experiencing life-threatening psychological crises, addiction issues (for both themselves and loved ones), relationship stress, and workplace conflicts.

We are interested in providing speakers and seminars in any area that our members would like information (e.g., cosmetic surgery, HIV and S.T.D.s, financial planning, substance abuse, employer-employee relations).

Thanks for Visiting,
P.A.W. Foundation Staff and Volunteers

Our Dream

     THE PAW HOUSE is a dream in search of your financial sponsorship.
     Patterned after the humanitarian concept of Synanon, THE PAW HOUSE will be a sanctuary, a retreat, a crash pad, or perhaps even a laughing place, a drug- and alcohol-free, communal-styled facility, wherein all adult industry workers in need will be given a safe place, free of sexual pressure, to stay (for as long as they want). Their only responsibility: the chores necessary to keep the establishment clean and ready for the next person who needs help.
     Operated purely on the "honor system," THE PAW HOUSE will also be available (space allowing) as temporary housing for performers from out of town who need to get their bearings while trying to find work at the beginning of their careers.
     Rooms of THE PAW HOUSE will be named after the most generous sponsors as well as in the names of those "fallen angels" who were the inspirations of PAW in the first place.
     The motto of  THE PAW HOUSE is "Hug is a very important three letter word."



The PAW foundation has one main purpose: to improve the lives of members of the adult entertainment industry. We also strive to enhance good relations between the industry and the general public.

Everything we do--whether it is membership drives, fundraising, education, or one of our other services--works towards our goal of improving our industry and the quality of life of the very special people who comprise the adult entertainment industry.

Please join, participate and give generously.

Thank You!

Our Mission

Provide an umbrella of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional support to any and all who seek our assistance.

Educate our community and the community at large by providing a continuing series of practical seminars.

Nurture participants in the adult entertainment industry through programs and services that empower them to improve their quality of life.

Operate, maintain and endow the PAW Foundation House as a safe haven for those in need.

Mail your check or M.O. to:
P.A.W. Foundation
17400 Marilla Street
Northridge, CA 91325

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